fall oak leaves menu planner kitchen organizer printables

Vintage Fall Oak Leaves Meal Planner Kitchen Inventory Printables

One of the things I love about meal planning is getting to use the cute meal planning printables I design. My newest meal planner kitchen inventory printables utilize a lovely fall print, Oak Leaves.

I had several requests to make a fall vintage print and I love this addition. If you would like to participate in deciding future designs sign up to receive our newsletter. If you would like to suggest print designs, page designs or changes, or printable designs in general you are welcome to leave a comment, contact us through our email or on any of our public social media platforms.

Menu Planner Kitchen Organizer Kit Contents

1. One Weekly Meal Planner with Shopping List

2. Two Recipe Note Cards

3. One Pantry Inventory Sheet

4. One Freezer Inventory Sheet

5. One Refrigerator Inventory Sheetautumn vintage oak leaves menu planner kitchen organizer

Weekly Menu Planner

The weekly meal planner or menu planner if you prefer can be lamented and used over and over again or you can hang them on the refrigerator or family board so that everyone can view it. This can cut down on family members asking you, “What is for dinner?” Be forewarned it is not full proof method. The shopping list was made so that it could be cut away from the menu planner and easily stored in your wallet or purse for later shopping.

Recipe Note Cards

There are two recipe note cards with this design. Use them to write down your favorite recipes or find all new and creative uses for them. For example, use them to write down instructions for your creative projects, to-do lists, send as post cards, speech notes or for tracks your bills. If you are looking for more creative ways to utilize the cards watch the video at the end of this post.

Kitchen Inventory Sheets

There are three kitchen inventory sheets. One each for the pantry, freezer and refrigerator. There are spaces for your items, quantity,  expiration dates, store bought from, cost of item and if it was on sale. I found it helpful to keep these sheets on hand in my Home Planner, after awhile you will be able to predict when items go on sale and at which store. This can add up to saving hundreds off of your food budget.

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autumn oak leaves meal planner kitchen organizer

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Happy Meal Planning!

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