Trick or Treat Vintage Halloween Meal Planner Kitchen Inventory

Trick or Treat Halloween Meal Planner Kitchen Organizer


The Trick or Treat Vintage Halloween Meal Planner Kitchen Organizer is the first in our SPOOKY collection. This cute trick-or-treat ghost is one of my youngest daughter’s favorite. While I work on projects she sometimes sits next to me while she works on preschool sheets, colors or watches her favorite YouTube videos. Now and again I will ask her which designs she likes or she will happen to see something she likes and says I should use it. This is her number one favorite Halloween design and our first Menu Planner Kitchen Organizer in the Spooky Halloween collection.

Use the Recipe Cards to catalogue all of your Halloween treats and use your Recipe Index to quickly produce meal plans, grocery lists and inventory quickly and easily. Track all your kitchen inventory with the Kitchen Inventory Checklist Planner. Not only will our planners save you time but money as well!

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I changed the font to Gypsy Curse by Chad Savage to give it a festive Halloween feel. I also added a little bat to the top of all the pages and the recipe cards to help them stand out a bit. I find this especially helpful when I use the cards as recipe cards. This way they are easier to spot among all the other recipe cards.

I have plans for several more planners and kits in mind to match the free Vintage Menu Planners Kitchen Organizer Kits. So come visit us often. Better yet to receive updates and other news join our mailing list. You will find it to the right of all my posts.

Trick or Treat Spooky Vintage Halloween Meal Planner and Kitchen Organizer Contents


1. Weekly Menu Food Planner with an added shopping list. You can keep the shopping list attached or separate it from the weekly planner to take with you on your shopping trip.

2.Two Recipe/Note Card designs for all your spooky holiday recipes or projects.

3. Three pages to help keep your kitchen organized and to keep track of your pantry and food supplies. These are also really handy to hang onto, to look back on to see what stores have what on sale during year and for how much. Added where I got my items and how much I paid for them has truly helped me save money and in some cases shopping time.

a. Pantry
b. Freezer
c. Refrigerator

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Download Files: There are two separate files that contain the same files. The original planner was designed to print to the entire pages. For those of you having difficulty with this or want smaller planner pages I made a second file within normal printing boarders. Click on whichever download is more convenient and to your liking.

1. Original file for boarder-less printing: Trick-or-Treat Spooky Halloween Meal Food Planner Kitchen Organizer

2. File For normal printing boarders: Trick-or-Treat Spooky Halloween Meal Planner Kitchen Organizer

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Please contact us if you are wanting to use the note cards or any of our printables for a school project, bake sale, a party or something similar. I am happy to work something out with you so that copyright policies are not infringed on.


Gypsy Curse Font by Chad Savage –

My Heart My Home …To Yours

Where The Lilies Bloom


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